Multimodal Europe 2016 ENG


Multimodal Europe is an international conference dedicated to the challenges that lie ahead of multimodal transport. The event is a major meeting point for road, sea, rail and air logistics managers.
The conference is based on the four pillars of the supply chain:
• Global transport routes
• European road and rail logistic routes
• European waterways
• Air cargo

During the event a group of specialists will be able to explore practices and solutions used in the field of European and global transport and logistic services currently offered on the market and assess the opportunities for container and intermodal transport in our region. The idea behind the conference is to encourage the attendees to initiate business relationships, exchange experiences and reflect on the directions of industry development.

Nick Gazzard

CEO and founder of Incept in 2007

Nick has 25 years of global experience in supply chain consulting and solutions development, covering industry sectors. This includes VP EMEA of Marketing ABC Technologies, Value Chain Solutions at SAS Institute and CEO / Founder of PAP, a leading value chain solutions provider.


Keynote speakers

Maciej Brzozowski
Hafen Hamburg Marketing

Aleksandra Kocemba
Raben Transport

Nick Gazzard

Florian Ambach

Sebastian Kita
Kancelaria Radcy Prawnego Marka Czernisa

Artur Pohl
Ekol Poland

Mariusz Kuczek

Frauke Paul
Hamburg Port Authority

Cezary Ewertowski